What Would Bob Do?

I have loved the Godzilla Haiku since I first found it way back when, so I was overjoyed when I saw someone had made it a Daily Create. My contribution is completely lame of course, because I always end up counting syllables more than making poetry. And it’s the poetry that makes the haiku.

I also remembered that there was an artist who took landscape paintings and added pop culture characters to them who had some Godzilla pictures. I’ve thought about buying one of his prints and using it to replace the painting that came with my house. The sizes aren’t quite right so I’d have to cut a new mat though.

In looking for Godzilla landscape paintings I also found a nice Thomas Kinkade/Godzilla mashup. I wonder what Bob would make of these.

Even better was this brief Joy of Godzilla Painting video:

It really could use a Bob Ross style voice over. I can just hear him saying “Everyone needs a friend” as the second monster gets sketched in.

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