The deadly hands of ds106

Today’s Daily Create prompt was to wear your flag on your hand. My flag is ds106, so:

If I was smart I would have clicked through the link on the TDC page to @cogdog’s write-up, because he had some great tips, as usual. When we play with images in week 4, understanding layer masks may come in handy.

But instead of being smart I had it in my mind to make an animated GIF. I made a video of my hand with my phone. I used the Import Video Frames as Layers function in Photoshop. This gave me 20 frames/layers, so I deleted every other one. I took a screenshot of the logo on, and pasted that in on a new layer. I went through some different layer blending modes and settled on Multiply, I think. I had to move it and scale it to fit, and then it was good enough.

I like Cogdog’s mask & opacity strategy, and wonder if that might have made it look better. I think I would have had to do it for each frame though, which would have been tedious.

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