AT Drops the BOMB!

Jim and I were having one of our usual ds106 discussions last week, looking over Aggressive Technologies’ website, when their chief legal counsel dropped in with threats and bluster. She expressed some rather strong opinions. I went through and cleaned them up a little for the recording above, although my bleeping skills leave something to be desired.

This is certainly concerning. The whole episode left me a bit speechless. I asked Dr. Oblivion for his advice:

He further opined:

We’ve dealt with issues before in ds106. We’ve been hacked. We’ve had moles. We’ve dealt with the Russians. And the zombies. But this feels different. And it raises some questions.

What does ds106 think? Do we blow off their threats? Or take them head on?
Do they really have eyes and ears within ds106?
Do we have a mole? And if so, what should we do about it?
Is her concern really “fiduciary duty?” Or do they have something to hide, and their threats are really just to scare us off their trail?
What are they up to? How should we respond?

The main thing I took from her visit was:

Aggressive Technologies loves ds106

How’s that for a fun little GIF?

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  3. Eric Likness says:

    Credit to “Martha Sinclair”, a step above, modern, up-to-date, and more creative than Martin Short’s take on lawyers, “Nathan Thurm”.

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