Scenes from the whale rapture

The other week one AI said that the internet was like “diving into a vast digital ocean where you can swim with majestic whales of knowledge or get caught in the undertow of clickbait and cat memes” and I asked another to visualize that metaphor. One of my colleagues was so enamored of the image that she asked it for a few more. This was the first of the collection that I saw:

It looks like there should be a story to go with the image. That might even be a good idea for a daily create. You could probably do that with any of them. Take this one:

I see a whale rapture while the planet bursts at its seams. It’s like an alternate version of Star Trek 4

And then there’s the cat riding the steampunk whale:

I wonder if he’s related to Dr. Ravioli? He looks like he might know everything too.

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