Digital patches

Today’s Daily Create said to “Make some digital sashiko.” Sashiko is explained as a way to repair clothing and in the process make it more beautiful. If we were to interpret this metaphorically, as something digital, what could it be? The possibilities are endless. I thought about repairing something digitally, then I thought about digital patches…

Patches is a classic Clarence Carter song:

So I wondered how to make that digital in some way. I know there’s this thing called “chiptune” but I don’t really know what it is. Could I convert Patches? Various tutorials looked a bit convoluted, but it looked like the first step was to convert to midi. I did that online with BearAudio which turned it into noise. Then I looked for a way to convert midi to chip tune and went with Online Sequencer. What came out was pretty bad, but I can kinda hear the song in there, sounding like a cheap knockoff R2-D2 at karaoke night:

Oh, I can still hear Papa’s voice sayin’
Patches, I’m dependin’ on you, son
I’ve tried to do my best
It’s up to you to do the rest

Was it worth it? I doubt my Online Sequencer output will ever be of any use, but now I know a way to convert to midi, and I know there’s an online sequencer. I tried to do my best. It’s up to you to do the rest.

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