Looking at pictures

I just had a few thoughts looking at some of this week’s creations.

Some pictures tell a story, some pictures tell poetry  Most of my photos tend to be documentary, capturing someplace I was, something I saw, someone I was with. I suspect a lot of us do that. My photos are sometimes story-related, but not often story-telling. In the example here from Kylie, the story, or poetry, is discovered in the image more than told by it. I think that may be a defining quality of art – that the viewers can experience something more than meets the eye, and find something of themselves in the experience.

I guess you can take #ds106 out of the 80s, but you can’t take the 80s out of #ds106  It fascinates me when people identify with songs from olden times. It seems like the scale of cultural memory has expanded greatly over the past quarter century, as so much of the past, like Bob Ross, remains part of the present on the web.

Some assignments blur the boundaries  It’s part writing, part image editing, and part design. We will be talking more about design in a couple weeks. There are a number of choices made here. What typeface to use? What color should the type be? How should it be arranged? Taking different options might change the message.

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