The only station that takes attendance

In the back end of the ds106radio management system, you can see how many people are listening online, typically zero, and where they are located:

world map of ds106radio listener

One day Nigel was broadcasting from the South Pacific and had gathered a good audience. Jim picked up the stream after Nigel was done, and expressed concern that the South Pacific had dropped off the listener map. This inspired the slogan “ds106radio – the only station that takes attendance.” We don’t actually know who’s listening, but we can take educated guesses based on where they are on the map.

I made this bumper with Audacity. I recorded my vocal, then went looking for some bumper sound effects. I found The Cinematic Transitions by Valentina Gribanova for an intro & outro. I also wanted to add a punching the time clock noise. Freesound didn’t help, but I found Punch In Time Clock Card at Work Sound Effect FX FREE through google. It came out so-so. Maybe I should have had a sound bed under my voice. I don’t know if the time clock sound is recognizable on its own. I could have used the time clock scene from Breaking Away, perhaps obscure but kinda funny

I just realized that kid is Rorschach. Small world. “Bueller” probably would have worked better as a metaphor for attendance though.

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