Funky Broadway Boogie Woogie

For today’s Daily Create we had give a picture a soundtrack. The first thing I thought of was Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie Woogie. But I wanted to get GIF-fy with it, naturally, so I downloaded the image from Wikimedia and used the select-color range function in Photoshop to copy the different colors onto their own layers, then manipulated them by either inverting the colors or adjusting the hue/chroma/value. “Boogie Woogie” suggests a certain kind of music, but I went with the original version of Funky Broadway instead. I notice from Wikipedia that the song is not about the Broadway in NYC like the painting, but rather the one in Buffalo, which from Street View doesn’t look as funky as it have once been. I knew from previous experimentation that there was a way to put GIFs together with sound, so I gave that a shot. It’s a bit clunky in that you have to click through the PLAY GIF Sound button to get it to show up, but whatever.

The animation sort of lines up with the drum beat, purely by coincidence. I could have done better with the animation though, like maybe have the small squares appear to move horizontally and vertically like traffic. That would take some time though. Maybe if I feel motivated I’ll rework it.

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