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The Daily Create of the day asks us to shuffle and share songs from our music libraries. This gives an interesting peek into people. We’re not asked to identify favorites or exercise any kind of decision making here, just show a random selection of music we have curated. Since it says “Share,” I decided to make a Spotify playlist. I quickly ran into a problem when I found Spotify doesn’t have A Little Taste of The Sweet Action, the album my third song, “On The 4th Of July,” came from. I don’t see it on Youtube either. So I added a sixth song – five out of six ain’t bad, to paraphrase Meatloaf.

So I wondered what else I could make of this. I could analyze how the songs work together, or maybe make a story out of them. I found the lyrics to the four that have lyrics:

Johnnybag the Superglue
Open Up Your Heart
Call That Gone
Trampled Rose

I still wasn’t sure what to do with them, so I copied them into a spreadsheet. Then I sorted them alphabetically and copied out every fifth line.

And now it’s just you and me
Bye-bye, baby, bye-bye (Bye-bye, baby, bye-bye)
Come on
Don’t try to fix a hole inthesole
Found it in the street, at first I could not see
I don’t carry anything
I’m not holding on to anything
Johnnybag the superglue
Living in a bubble that you blew back in school
Now you want to use the gum to fix a hole in your
Open up your heart for me
Out in the muddy streets, ‘neath the fireworks and leaves
So what happened to the trampled rose?
Some people carry grudges, you know
That’s just the way that it goes
The trees are gonna bend like skeletons
Unless you count this torch for you
When you gonna open up your heart for me?
Whoa I’m leavin’ this morning (Whoa I’m leavin’ this morning)
You can call that gone (You can call that gone)
You got two good minutes when the coffee kicks in

It’s an example of cut-up poetry, of sorts. It doesn’t really mean anything, but some, perhaps many, of the lines work together. How would you interpret it?

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