Inverted synesthesia

For today’s Daily Create, I did a most obvious thing and typed ds106 in the synesthesia generator. Being most oblivious, I failed to notice that @NomadWarMachine did that in the assignment prompt. I didn’t like the color combination though, so I thought about how I could play with it. My first thought there was to invert the colors in Photoshop, which basically swaps colors for whatever is on the opposite side of the color wheel. Then I thought about superimposing ds106 in some big blocky typeface, since the colors were presented in squares. I went to DaFont and looked for an 80s typeface, and found something suitable. I put ds106 in the preview box and set the size to Large. Then I screenshotted the color strip and the type preview, brought both into Photoshop and sized to fit. The next step was to duplicate the color strip and use Adjustments=>Invert to change the colors. I used the magic lasso to select the background of the type layer, then switched to the invert layer with the selection still active, and pressed Delete. That gave me something usable so I flattened the image and saved it. It’s still kinda plain. I could have played with it some more and possibly come up with a more interesting visual. In the spirit of synesthesia, here’s what it sounds like through Audacity:

That last part was inspired by

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