“Don’t know much about history…”

When we started talking about the idea of using an 80s theme, I thought about how it might seem like an alien and ancient land, and wondered about artifacts. What might be strange yet familiar? What might be inexplicable? What would be significant? A walkman would have been perfect, because it marks a real cultural shift from listening to music as a communal thing to a private experience. But I don’t know anyone who still has one. I found a Juice Newton (YT) cassette on the free giveaway table in my library, so I used that instead. 

To make further 80s connections, I used a Stranger Things logo generator for the opening logo, and did a CC search for some appropriate theme music that I could use without getting in trouble with the copyright police. After I said, “So now we know” to my colleague’s explanation of the cassette, he automatically responded, “And knowing is half the battle.” Those GI Joe PSAs were an 80s thing that I didn’t find out about until this decade, so I had to edit a bit of that in at the end.

It’s all pretty goofy, but maybe that’s not a bad tone to set.

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