Across 106 Street

It started with a simple Rogers-esque tweet from Kin

And as I looked through the photos, I noticed some were at the intersection of Amsterdam and a street named in honor of our very own ds106

So I felt compelled to respond

And the Jim put his little twist on it

referencing the 1972 NYC crime drama. I immediately thought of the Bobby Womack theme song, and wondered if there was a way to make something of it. I don’t have Cogdog-level lyric-writing skills though. But I thought if I could find an instrumental version (YT), I could also do an image search of 106 St. and make a slide show video. Then I remembered that there are tools to turn Google Street View trips into GIFs, like this one. In addition to going down a street, it has an option to do a 360 view from a spot, which sort fits the “across” idea. I found a suitably urban font on Da Font and slapped it all together into a video

Just another day on 106 Street.

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2 Responses to Across 106 Street

  1. Jim Groom says:

    This came out brilliantly! I love it…

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