Rats! Foiled again.

While I’ve been taking care of business, the agents have been investigating. The ds106 polls have yielded some interesting information so far.

What are they trying to cover up with Agent 106? I wonder…

Some of the polls were pretty evenly divided. I will take this as a sign of good cover and good misdirection. It shows that people don’t really know what our agents are up to, in most cases. It looks like they have Agent MBP’s number though:

It looks like the word is out about my exploding rats though.

But what can anyone do about it? It’s not like there’s a mouse whisperer to come to the rescue. And a mouse whisperer would only have a chance one-on-one, not against my underworld horde.

I am unstoppable. The question is, who let the cat out of the bag? I’m inclined to blame Michael.

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