Same as it ever was

I always liked Magritte. It was nice to see him acknowledged in today’s Daily Create. The point of The Treachery of Images, as I understand it, is that a picture of a thing, like a pipe, is not the thing itself. So it looks like a pipe, but you can’t easily smoke with it.

The other day I came across Kermit the Frog doing his cover version of the Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime,” which has the line, “This is not my beautiful house.” I thought of that in conjunction with today’s TDC, so I went to Google Street View to find a picture of the house where I used to live, which I’ve been renting out since I moved to the hills of Pennsylvania a few years ago. It’s not my house because I don’t live there, but it is because I own it. Whether or not it is beautiful is a matter of opinion – I liked it better when I was on the scene to take care of it. And of course it’s not the house, it’s a picture. I used Google Translate for the French text, and I used @cogdog’s template, with some minor defacing, to make the image. Anyway, here’s Kermit:

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