No6@Prisoner106 has proposed a Prisoner themed summer ds106 experience. I’m trying to think of how it might go. There are so many potential angles…

The basic story, as I recall, is about a secret agent who resigns, angrily, and is then kidnapped and taken to an odd little village. He’s pressured in various ways to explain why he resigned, but will not say. He doesn’t know if he’s a captive of his own people or an enemy power. Everyone has numbers instead of names. Number 2 is the visible person in charge, but he gets replaced just about every week because he always fails to get answers out of Number 6. There’s someone else, who is never seen, calling the shots. That power setup sounds a bit like Noir106 – maybe we need another Jack.

Could we have a new No. 2 every week? Take turns being nominally in charge? It seems possible. Summer ds106es are often open playgrounds, but there should be room for an ineffectual authority figure.

Then there’s the central question: Why did you resign? I’m not quite sure how to play with that. Everyone could take on a persona, like they did in Noir106, with some deep dark secret, as if we’re all 6es, but maybe we’d want to avoid creating an adversarial environment. The other big questions – Who is Number 1? Whose side are you on? – also make me think of Noir106, the Jack story and the Russians. Playing with them might require more management than an open playground could handle though.

I was just reading the Wikipedia article on The Prisoner. It seems that in its original conception, Number 6 was really Number 1, and The Village was the realization of a proposal he made back when he was Danger Man. (Aside: Danger Man once had an adventure with Barbara Steele of Black Sunday fame.) Due to the inevitable creative differences, that storyline was abandoned and all the questions went unanswered. Maybe it’s better that way.

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