Wire106 Week 7

We’re up to week 7 in Wire106. Jim is out on assignment and tailed a suspect up to NYC, so we don’t have a video for you this time. Here are the details for this week:

Audio week 1

Everyone should be part of a group at this time. If you are not in a group, get in one. Or let us know and we’ll put you in one. You are going to write and record a 20-30 minute audio production which will be broadcast on ds106radio. You have two weeks to work on your radio show. They will be broadcast at a date to be determined.

Here is the group info we have thus far:
There are a lot of names missing from that list. Make sure your name is on it by the end of the day. There is a “Looking for a group” group for those who are looking for a group. If you have ideas for a show and don’t have a group yet, that’s a good place to find collaborators.

  • All group members should contribute. Suggestion: create a Google Doc for planning and collaboration. If you invite us to be part of it, we can offer advice and input. Blog about your process and progress.
  • Include radio bumpers and commercials – a couple of each
  • 20-30 minute time length
  • The project should relate in some way to The Wire. How you go about that is up to you.
  • Each group member needs to do at least one promo poster/bumper sticker/logo etc. for their show this week. A little splash of design.
  • Keep the instructors apprised of your progress.

As you found out during Intro to Audio week, audio editing is time consuming. Plan to be done early and you will probably be done on time.

Audio resources:

Andy Rush’s http://audio.umwblogs.org as a resource for producing, editing, and generally working with audio.

The UMW digital knowledge center is available for individual and group tutorials for audio editing. You can schedule a tutorials for assignments and the radio show here: http://dkc.umwdtlt.org/tutoring/

You can find additional audio resources in the Open Ds106 syllabus (http://ds106.us/open-course/unit-7-advanced-audio/).

2 Daily Creates

Audio assignments – 10 stars

You can use your audio assignments to develop content for your radio show.


  • Season 2, episode 12
  • Season 2, episode 12 with commentary
  • Season 3, episode 1

The commentary on episode 12 comes from producer Karen Thorson and editor Thom Zimny. It’s a good behind-the-scenes companion piece to the Jen Ralston interview, discussing various storytelling techniques used in the episode and throughout the series.

I scheduled the commentary track for s2ep12 on ds106rad.io at 9PM on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, although you really should be watching the episode as you listen to it. In keeping with the commentary theme, David Simon’s commentary on the opening episode of season three will be on Thursday at 9PM.

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