The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


I loved that western showdown scene between the police and the FBI. This part had GIF written all over it. I had the idea to put the three of them together, so I was careful to make all of them the same number of frames, with the same timing. Then I thought it would be better to do a rolling animation, like what I ended up with. It took me a while to think about how to do it. I started to write up the process, but the write-up was as tedious as doing it in the first place. If you want the details, let me know.

Once I had the GIF, I had to figure out what to do with it. I went looking for a design assignment and found Movies from Another Time and Animated Movie Posters. My image didn’t really fit either of them. I clicked the Remix It button and this came up:

Jump Shrimp
Find a completed assignment and create it’s oxymoron, something that is contradictory to what was made.

I had been thinking of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly anyway, what with the western theme, and the contradictory aspect made everything fall into place. Prez is good at some things, but in general he strikes me as a bad cop in the Martin Short sense, i.e. less than competent. Lester, on the other hand is good police. Bunk was born in a three piece suit, (almost) always dressed to the nines, so he could be the opposite of ugly.

For the text, I put together characters from The Wire and characters Leone’s movie, and used some of the behind the scenes names from The Wire. I did all the text in Garamond because it’s on Vignelli’s approved typeface list – actually it’s a versatile classic font.

I should note that my entire process here is pretty much the opposite of good design. Instead of designing something to fit the assignment, I’m trying to bend an assignment to fit my image. But so what.

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  1. Syd Bauman says:

    This is so cool!! You really captured the three characteristics using the characters and their distinct facial expressions and movements. This is such a great ad!

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