Look at the window

Down by Law (1986) Jarmusch.

For today’s Daily Create, we had to do an out-the-window shot, but make it creative. I took a photo of the window in the laundry closet, but wasn’t sure what I could do to make it creative. I loaded it into GIMP, and figured it could do with some cropping. I rotated it a bit to make the window more straight and cropped in on the lower window. I thought the glow from the sun made it look deceptively warm, so I used the polygon select tool the window area without the foreground objects, then reduced the saturation -63%. This has the effect of making everything grayish and colder, but it’s not too obvious because the only real color out there was the yellow glow. Maybe it’s too subtle and I should have pasted in an abominable snowman instead, but I kinda like the contrast. Below is the end result:

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One Response to Look at the window

  1. Rachel says:

    I really like your photo and the way you manipulated it from the original photo. It looks professionally done.

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