Simplicity and Ubiquity

A Baddie’s Blog raised a good point about simplicity and minimalism:

I remember seeing a Doritos commercial where they were being very vague about naming the chip. However, they kept showing a bright red bag and a dark blue bag. They did not have to say the name, we all knew they were Doritos. This is because the design of the bag is distinct to those beautiful triangular-shaped chips.

Minimal design can easily become memorable design. But it doesn’t just happen. The Nike swoosh is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. The story is a design student was paid $35 to create the logo. It is interesting to note that the original design is not that good, and there is nothing brilliant or insightful about the shape. It has become one of the most valuable corporate logos 1. because Nike put it everywhere, and 2. because it is simple enough and just distinctive enough that you remember it after seeing it a few times.

To go back to the Doritos, note that the triangle is not even distinctive. But in combination with the bag, we know what it is. The difference is that anybody can use the color red and the triangle shape, so imitators can piggyback on the marketing.

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