Important ds106 update!

CC2012 @markheybo

One of our tasks this week is to brainstorm ideas for what could be our final mission. We have a few early thoughts from our ace operatives:

Root out the mole(s). We know the Directorate has tried to woo some of our agents to their side. But apparently they also have agents among us. How do we address this issue without fracturing our ranks?

Bring in new recruits. Our training is almost done, but the ds106 mission goes on. What can we do to draw the right people? How do we find the new heroes of ds106? We need a vision for a multimodal recruitment campaign.

Take on the ultimate threat. One of our agents is on to a shadowy villain, and has a plan to draw him (or is it her?) out. I think we can make this happen. But then what? Once exposed, we need to neutralize the threat.

These are all good ideas. More will come up as the week progresses. We can also build upon ideas as they come in. ds106 management will collate and prioritize plans in preparation for our final mission.

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