Words of week one

A lot of great thoughts came through in the first week’s posts. I will muse on some of them here.
so much weird stuff happens on social media that to me it seems more responsible to stay off of it!
This is not a bad policy. But we can leverage social media to our advantage. We can use it to make positive connections. I’m sure you’ve all seen Bill Genereux (@billgx on Twitter) who has a parallel ds106 crew in Kansas. There are others in our community, as you’ll see in the Daily Creates. I know it can be hard to avoid the social media cesspools out there, but we don’t need to step in them.

I loved Francesca’s intro video. There are all kinds of ways to do it. The important thing is to push yourself creatively and experiment. One really nice thing here was the thought that went into it, particularly in giving credit for the images – a good habit to develop.

Many people express discomfort with making media, especially in the introductions. There’s no one right way to do it (which holds true for just about everything in this course) – the point is to do it, and then you know how. And then you can do it again and try something more, and make it a little better. No one makes a masterpiece before they’ve done that about a thousand times.

Some people like the theme, others not so much. The important thing is that we’re free to make of it what we will.

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