A day in the life of a night prowler

Our Daily Create today was End Sounds. For whatever reason, the first thing I thought of was the voice at the end of AC/DC’s Highway to Hell album, saying “Shazbot! Nanu nanu.” Someone actually made a supercut of the endings of all the AC/DC songs, but if I recall correctly, they left that part out. There’s a little chord just after, so maybe that’s why.

I couldn’t just use that though. It would be too much like googling for an image rather than making one. I also thought of the iconic closing chord to A Day in a Life from the Sgt. Pepper album as an end sound, so I grafted the two together. Would that get past the copyright police? I wasn’t sure. But since that closing chord runs the better part of a minute, I figured it needed some manipulation. I used the Change Tempo function in Audacity to speed it up, and I stuck the AC/DC part in the middle of the long fadeout. I left AC/DC’s little chord in there, so I clipped the Beatles at that point. I don’t know. It’s something.

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