Awesome moments of spontaneous creativity

Sometimes they happen. ds106 is fertile ground for them. This morning I saw this tweet:

I thought that would have been a great idea for a Daily Create – do a simple video of that Star Trek style overacting in response to space turbulence. We could still do it. It just would have been nice to do it on the 50th anniversary of the show.

But what do you know? Bill Genereux, who’s running a ds106 class in parallel with ours at Kansas State, took up the challenge:

and I think it’s brilliant! It’s simple, it looks like everyone had fun, and it’s part of a distributed conversation that only the internet could enable – an example of a new digital storytelling, perhaps? Coupled with some of the things that have started to happen in our section, it tells me we’re in for a great semester.

I’m just going to add a second bit of Start Trek geekery here. I saw this this morning on Tumblr:

I’ve seen that show dozens of times over the years, yet I feel like I never noticed that line. Which I find embarrassing. The fact that she ad-libbed it on the set makes it that much better.

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