Canna Van Cleef

So this morning’s Metafiltering introduced me to Ostagram, which looked like an interesting tool for visual mashups. The question is, is this a tool normal people can use? There’s a link to Github, there’s a lot of what I think is Cyrillic text – not so helpful to me. There’s another link, and through that I could find some directions for installing it on Ubuntu, which might work. My Parallels expired a few years ago, but they offer a 14 day free trial, so I spent some time trying to make it work, but none of my password formulas were working for sudo, so I gave up on that. I think I could make it work using AWS, but I also think I’d be asking for more frustration. Then I found an online version. That was convenient. So to be all Western about it, I decided to look at Lee Van Cleef through a Georgia O’Keeffe lens, except I did it backwards and got something that looks like Predator’s acid trip:


It took a long time for the image to process – like fifteen minutes or so. But I saw my mistake and tried again and got this image:


It kinda makes me think of Picasso and Cubism, although it’s not either. I might play with the options – content weight, style weight, etc. – to see what they do. Can we use the style and content to take something Western into a different place? Could we find a visual style that says “Western” and apply it to something that is not? Might be fun.

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