Some quick thoughts on Week 1

Nicholas did an audio summary which wasn’t something I expected, but why not do it that way? Going forward, it will probably take more than just audio, because we will also want to embed and connect the things we make as we go along.

Amy jumped into some of the Daily Creates, which was very cool. We will all be doing more of those in the weeks ahead. She recognizes that the show is not to everyone’s taste, but still finds compelling things about it. That touches on a key question: What makes for good storytelling? What makes it work? What makes it effective?

Danielle, among others, talked about the struggles with using the various social media tools. It can be intimidating, if you’re not used to working with such tools, and it can be challenging to figure out how to use them effectively. But it’s also kinda easy, once you dig into it and start using them. Maybe using them effectively isn’t so easy, but using them is.

Overall I think we’re off to a great start. A lot of people had great analyses of the episodes, and great insights. I encourage everyone to look a little closer, and think about how the story is being told, the various techniques being used, the little details and the effect they have. Jim and I come at it from a little different perspective, having seen the entire series already and having thought about it for a while, but each of your perspectives is just as valid

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