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There was this one scene is episode 3 of The Wire where the camera pans across Rawls foot up on his desk. I saw that and thought of Dean Wormer from Animal House and his famous speech about putting his foot down (YT). Maybe it would be funny to put the two together. Or maybe it would be stupid. Either way, it’s done and it’s a new assignment.

Doing this was pretty simple, and I’m a bit of an iMovie novice. I used MPEG Streamclip to get the scene, and found a video on Youtube that had the audio and downloaded it. I imported the audio from the video into Audacity and cut it down to the quote I wanted. Then I imported my clip from The Wire and the audio into iMovie. I used the Detach Audio function to take out the sound from the clip, and realized afterwards that I probably could have used that instead of the Audacity trick. I ran into a problem in that my audio was about a second longer than my video, but I was able to squeeze in each end of the audio until it matched the length of the video. It’s not up the the level of the Toy Story + The Wire mashup, but what is?

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  1. Oh the juxtaposition.

    Yes, Detach Audio is your remix pal. The newest iMovie makes it a snap to adjust in/out points right in the track.

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