Ted, just admit it

Jane’s Addiction wrote the song “Ted, Just Admit It” in 1987. It gave the title to their 1988 major label debut, Nothing’s Shocking. At that point in time, Ted was still denying responsibility for his murders. The song incorporates Bundy’s voice from an interview clip

There’s gonna be people turning up in canyons,
There are gonna be people being shot in Salt Lake City
Because the police there aren’t willing to accept, what I think they know
And they know I didn’t do these things…

Perry Farrell has tried to explain the story behind the song, but to me he sounds about as logical as Bobby Beausoliel. He said that it was just a coincidence that they used the Bundy tape, but others involved say different. The line, “He tells you everyone is stupid” fits with Ted’s way of toying with people, but it reflects an attitude that many people have.

The song does tie into that whole fascination with crime and criminals, with the worst of criminals. Part of the fascination is psychological: What makes them do it? How do they think? But it also points to a thrill-seeking aspect of it – looking for something shocking, something that can pierce the desensitization we have in our media-saturated environment.

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