So the other day I decided to take a break from all this crime and murder and listen to one of my old vinyl LPs by The Swinging Neckbreakers. Usually when I listen to an LP I also record it on my laptop and then burn it to a CD in case I want to listen to it in the car sometime. I just plug the laptop into the stereo with an RCA to 1/8 inch adapter cable and record in Audacity.

Untitled 3When I did this the other night I decided to try broadcasting it on ds106radio. I hadn’t tried this before, so I referred to timmmyboy’s how-to post. I opened up Ladiocast(downloadable from timmmyboy’s aforementioned post), started recording, and switched between Built-in Microphone and Built-in Input for voice and LP. The LP came through loud and clear, and I’m sure the voice part was thoroughly unprofessional (and the horrifying screech of open and closing the turntable lid probably came through loud and clear as well). Cogdog has detailed instructions on a more functional setup incorporating Soundflower, which is probably better than my lazy-man, no-headset method, but you work with what you got.

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  1. Alan Levine says:

    Cool to know the direct vinyl casting works- no need for soundflower unless you are mixing in a source from your computer, which you could do with a third input.

    I need to start digitizing some discs with audacity, thinking of a Ripped From Vinyl genre on the radio station for a smartlist.

    Now you have me checking out the Neckbreakers…

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