Ozzy ’70


I saw the rock ‘n roll GIF assignment and thought I’d give it a shot. Inspired by BeShort’s rendition of Girl Talk and remembering a video of Black Sabbath doing War Pigs way back in 1970, I thought I would try making a montage. Tony Iommi is a lefty, so I could some kind of symmetry going, but apparently the cameramen had Geezer on the pay-no-mind list. I caught a glimpse of him and came up with this:


It looks like i slowed down Ozzy. I kinda like the way that came out, but the other parts seem like they’re all at different speeds. Maybe I’ll have to work at it.

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2 Responses to Ozzy ’70

  1. Brilliant! It takes me right back to that black light lit friend’s room I first heard this album.

    Leave Ozzy at his own pace, its seems fitting!

  2. rowan_peter says:

    Any gif made from 70’s Sabbath footage is immediately transported to legendary status. Oh Lord yeah!

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