Unconventional feline activity

Alan Levine tweeted a treasure trove of Soviet propaganda to provide some source material for the DS106 propaganda poster assignment. The sidebar on the site has some cool links, like the collection of Stanley Kubrick photographs of Chicago. A link to cats eating corn on the cob  naturally caught my eye, especially this photo. The life magazine scab in the bottom corner told me what to do.

It wasn’t quite as easy as it seems it should be. None of my fonts quite match the Life logo. I went with Haettenschweiler, which isn’t quite right, but close enough for a non-typographer. To mimic the shadow behind LIFE, I made a black box and dropped the opacity to 28%. For the type layer, I set the opacity at 52%. If you don’t look too hard, it looks okay.

It’s not really propaganda, more like subliminal advertising, so it doesn’t really work for the poster assignment. But it has unconventional feline activity, so it’s not totally inappropriate.

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