… Part 3

The Daily Create for today asked us to explain cheerfulness. I thought Ian Dury and the Blockheads did an admirable job of this many years ago:

I didn’t think I could top that, so I wondered what I could make out of it. A GIF? Probably not good enough. What if I threw a couple lines of lyrics into an image generator?

I tried it with Craiyon and Gencraft (a new one on me), and neither of them handled the terms well. I was hoping for some crazy juxtapositions or combinations, but instead they appeared to just take one term and ignore the others. Gencraft gave me two images, one of some ballet dancers in a room and one of a goat in a palais other than Hammersmith, I suspect. I layered the two together in photoshop, along with the lyric prompt. And that’s what we get. But, what would Michael Bay do?


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