Works in progress

I’ve been working on one or two new paintings this week – as in, it may or may not be a diptych. I’ve also been photographing them as they evolve, which gives me the opportunity to play with GIMP and GIFs. I’m not sure if this will show me anything about my decision making process. It may be better to look at the static images.
animation of abstract painting development
My thought at one point was to have one panel more vibrant and the other more muted. I’m not sure that the images want to cooperate though.

Maybe it would work better as a slide show than a pair of GIFs. There seems to be less color-level distortion here. Looking at it on this scale – the panels are 32′ x 48′ – makes it easier to see the full image, so I can think about what’s working and what’s not. I almost feel like leaving well enough alone, but I’m also wondering about introducing fine detail work. What those details might be is up in the air.

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