The Contest Somebody Should Win

For this assignment, I told myself I would pick something random and do whatever came up and make it about The Wire. So what do I get? The Contest Nobody Could Win (Video-Mashup Edition) The directions are to: Create a mashup of 6 video clips (either TV or Movie) no longer than 2 seconds each. See if anyone can guess your favorite films! Since we already know it’s about The Wire, it sort of defeats the purpose. So I picked an episode, not necessarily my favorite one, and tried to pull six clips that don’t give away which one it is. Can you figure it out?

I used MPEG Streamclip to grab the clips. The Edit->Select In and Edit->Select Out functions marked the clips, and then File->Export to Other Formats saved them. I did this for eight clips, then imported the six I liked the best into iMovie. There, I pulled exactly two second from each one and put them together. Here is the result:

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  1. Jim Groom says:

    Man, that’s a good assignment. The alley was the closest to a giveaway, but they are all pretty stock shots. I was also thinking that’s Stinkum’s car, so it has to be before episodes 9 or 10. I would guess S01E04, the one that has the epigraph by Bubble’s “Thin Line Between Heaven and Here,” but I very well could be wrong.

  2. Episode 7, “One Arrest” — epigraph “A man must have a code” – Bunk.

  3. Building shot is a bit after 5 minutes in.
    Carver with the sucker at about 6 minutes in.
    Stinkum’s car is just before the 9 minute mark.
    Wee Peter‘s bar is at 25:30 into the show. (That was the give away. See this)
    Plastic Bag in the low rises is 43 minutes in.
    Kids on the bikes is just after the 45 minute mark.

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