The Animated Bansky GIFs showed up on my Twitter feed last week sometime, I think. Cogdog tweeted them again today, so I innocently inquired if animated graffiti was an assignment yet. To which he barked, “Do it yourself, you worthless maggot!”

So I posted it as an assignment, then set about trying to complete it. Johnstown doesn’t have much graffiti. Maybe it’s because the buildings are so run down that it would embarrass the artwork. Or maybe Johnstown needs to work on its graffiti skills. Anyway, I spotted this smiling face on the side of the building where you can rent port-a-johns, so I thought I’d try to make it wink. I copied bits and pieces of white to cover up one of the x-eyes, then copied and rotated one of the x-crossbars for the wink. I wasn’t sure how I should make a halfway wink, but I think the animation works without it.

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