Crime Time Radio

true_crimeI had this idea to do a crime themed radio show for some time now, since the #Hardboiled course almost a year ago. There’s a lot of fodder out there, from murder ballads to ganster rap to bizarre compilation albums. But having just worked my way through The Stranger Beside Me and with #TrueCrime coming up, I figured now was the time.
I had to start with RevCo’s Gila Copter (YouTube) for the “prime time victim show” lines. Ted, Just Admit It (YouTube) was a natural, of course. Springsteen’s Nebraska (YouTube), based on Charles Starkweather’s misadventures was next, followed by Richard Speck by hometown heroes The Chesterfield Kings. (Wikipedia didn’t make the connection between the two, so I’ll have to do something about that.) I finished with Warren Zevon’s Excitable Boy (YouTube), a little fictional murder to lighten the mood.
Whether I have any future as an amateur DJ is questionable. I think the sound came out OK, but the songs are a little jarring in juxtaposition. I had never tried to put anything on ds106radio before, but I managed to get it on without breaking anything thanks to Cogdog’s directions.

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