They’re back!

So we finally got back on track with the Bava film fest. I was woefully underprepared but remembered a little of what I had blogged about before. And we tried, with a couple false starts, a different recording method. I’m sure it all shows, but hey, at least we’re back.
We discussed Black Sabbath, less well known as I tre volti della paura (The three faces of fear). One of the things we brought up were the connection to the British heavy metal band, which I had touched on previously.

I totally forgot that I had some clips. We talked a little about the visual aesthetic, with this scene as an example:

That same otherworldly lighting is part of what makes this scene. The other is the expressiveness of the actress, and the way Bava captures that. Notice what happens at 1:36 to 1:40 in the clip, with the transition from the ghost’s hand to the woman’s right hand. It’s brilliant:

We talked about the use of sound. This clip features the buzzing fly and the dripping water:

We didn’t have the syncing problem that we had before, so that’s a plus, but we didn’t get enough clips and images in. We’ll do better next time.

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  2. Jim Groom says:

    WHat happened to these clips? Did they get copyright claimed? Let me know, I can put them up on another server and save you the Google copyright constable headache. I hate them!@&*()

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