I went looking for stills from Bava’s Kill Baby Kill as part of a different mission and came across a full cut on Youtube with English subtitles. This looks like a job for videogrep! Eventually I got something out of it, but I found out a few things along the way, to go with what I picked up earlier.

The subtitles Youtube shows are not the same as the subtitle file that yt-dlp picks up. The transcript in Youtube was in English, and the captions on the video matched. But I opened the .vtt file and it appeared to be in Afrikaans for some reason. The language in the video is Italian though. Loco! So here’s a cut of the word gaan (go):

I also did one of die, which I think is the, but that was too long to bother with. This film has a character with my name, so naturally:

But the star of the show is Melissa Graps:

I had to exit Terminal after each cut. I don’t know why, but it lost the command prompt. It would be cool if I could find a way to make a supercut of the giggling, but I don’t see it in the .vtt file so I doubt that it’s within my powers.

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