Rock Pockets

“It’s Hot Pockets Day on the Daily Create!”
“Didn’t we already talk about this?”
“I’m making Rock Pockets.”
“What – you’re going to put Aerosmith inside a Hot Pocket?”
That wouldn’t be a bad idea, and could be a whole ‘nother meme. But I thought the Hot Pocket picture reminded me of a geode, so that gave me a different direction in which to take the meme.

I had to manipulate the type as well as the image, but luckily I had everything I needed for the “Rock” already – just copy the beginning of “Pockets” and copy the diagonal leg of the K onto the P. For the image, I found a stock photo of a green agate geode rock with crystals.

In hindsight, I should have used something with a CC license – I really should make it a habit to start looking with CC Search, because I know better – but old habits die hard apparently. I was the angle of the shot and the white background that grabbed me, so I impulsively grabbed it. For the text, I just called it what it is, but I felt it needed something more so I googled geode and found the page from and borrowed their subheading. So, there – credit where credit is due.

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