In my library, we’ve been using the CRAAP test (PDF) when we cover evaluating information sources. Like anything else, it has its pros and cons – I like the simplicity of it, and that it’s memorable, but in reality it’s not that simple, and I worry that people take it as a checklist in place of real critique. A challenge we’ve had is that we never have time for anything more than a quick overview of it, so I went looking for a way to shift it outside of class time.

I made a Google presentation based on work done by the Rentschler Library at Miami University Hamilton (PPT), making it into a self-paced click through with some simple assessment and feedback. This is something that could be embedded in a LibGuide or other web document, like this one.

I had used Google forms to collect data in the past, and one faculty member suggested that I look into using Qualtrics. I had seen a tutorial built with Qualtrics before, so I thought I might try to do something similar with the CRAAP test. A Google form could accomplish the same thing, but Qualtrics has more reporting options.

Untitled-1This is just a simple thing that students could work through as homework before class. It would introduce them to the test and the concepts, and give them the opportunity to put the concepts into practice. There are example sites for currency, relevance, authority, accuracy and purpose, and the survey asks if each one passes the test. Students can respond yes, no, or not sure, and get immediate feedback.

Since the form collects data, we will be able to see if there is confusion on any of the five points. Class time could be spent on discussion based on the data, rather than overview or demonstration. I hope to be able to test this out with a class or two over the summer and see how it goes.

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