A Bava design


I saw Jim’s post about his t-shirt daily create and decided to steal his idea, ’cause that’s what I do. Basically I wanted to get more Bava in the bava logo. I like the idea of bringing imagery into lettering, although it’s not so easy to bring it off well. One thing you need is very heavy lettering. I went to Da Font and looked for something groovy, and found Pincoya Black by Daniel Hernández. From there I typed Bava Tuesdays in the preview box and took a screen shot of the result. I brought that into Photoshop and stacked the words, then cropped the image to the lettering. Then I went looking for images from some of Bava’s films. I pasted them in and scaled them to fit, then changed the layer blending mode to lighten. Since the letters were black on a white background, anything lighter then black would show through. The rectangle in the upper right corner was accidental. That part of the lettering layer was empty, or transparent.  I liked the way it looked though, so I kept it. Since I had it in layers, I made it into a GIF just for the heck of it. I kinda like the result, but the images really overpower the letters, making it hard to read. The changing imagery makes it worse.  But I’m working on a Bava budget, so I’ll call it good enough and say it’s a wrap.

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