“Good to go on your radio”

Title borrowed from LL Cool J’s 1985 hit “I Can’t Live Without My Radio”

We’re into Audio Week, so I put together a three-hour show, the ds106 Hour, for ds106 radio. What it does is take a random sampling of content labeled “ds106” in the ds106 radio library to fill a three hour time block. Here we can see an example of one of the blocks:

Note how Kollin’s bumper clocks in at 10.6 seconds. Brilliant touch! The other segments are shows from previous semesters. The last segment gets cut off after half a minute unfortunately. Those are the breaks when the machine makes the decisions. That particular show will show up in one of the other blocks though.

I have these scheduled for 0600 and 1400 PDT, which may be 9 AM and 5 PM Eastern time, if I know how to do the conversion, which is generally questionable. They’ll be on Tuesday through Friday. When I figure out the settings to make the schedule repeat automatically, I’ll have it going every day, although perhaps at a different time.

Any students who are interested in broadcasting should let me know. I can give you directions to broadcast live, worldwide on the web.


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