Roll Your Own

Something you can do at any point in ds106 is add a new assignment. Maybe you don’t like any of the options. Maybe you have an idea and there isn’t anything in the Assignment Bank to go with it. Maybe you found some interesting digital art somewhere and wanted to try it yourself. Then go ahead and roll your own. In the header of each section of the Assignment Bank is a link to add an idea for a new assignment.

It links to the Submit An Assignment form, which gives some brief directions on how to do it. To me, the main thing is that it leaves room for creative interpretation. There’s no one right way to do a good assignment.

This is a way to further push your creativity, and to offer creative challenges to the class. It’s fun to see people take up your idea too, and take it to places you didn’t expect. I recommend everyone try it at least once this semester.

I think there’s fun to be had in playing with David Lee Roth’s vocals, so I made an assignment out of it. No one has to do it, but everyone has the option.

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