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I was just thinking about the variety of ways our ds106 Cast of Characters might interact or intersect with Aggressive Technologies. At least two of them work there. That’s a very direct connection. The cast includes several different categories:
Mad genius

They could be part of Aggressive Technologies, or they could be part of the competition. Or they could relate in completely different ways: customers, vendors, protestors, litigants, investors, investigators, neighbors … etc. Those connections can get pretty tangential. What would it be like to live across the street from one of their data centers?

A while back I read a story about a crypto mine in Channing, Texas, a tiny town whose previous claim to fame was a bit role in the classic 80’s film, Midnight Run. And earlier this week I saw something about people blocking the construction of a data center in Chile. (It just occurred to me that I don’t think I’ve seen anyone bring up the ecological issues about AI. Why is that?)

My point here is that the assignment to define your character’s relationship with the Aggressive Technologies corporation should not be perceived as limiting what you can do with your character, but rather as an opportunity for creativity and connection.

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