Coloring outside the lines

I’m continuing to document my painting process. This is a new thing for me. I used to mainly go with the flow, occasionally stop and think, and sometimes discuss work with a mentor.  As I looked him up, I found the a former fellow classmate had written extensively on Lipp’s methods and words of wisdom. I will need to revisit this resource as I work on my journey.

I started this without any plan. I’m not sure how or if the colors will work together, what pattern and rhythm the shapes will take, or which end is up. At this point I’m mainly covering the canvas with color. If I pay attention to what’s happening, the painting will tell me where it wants to go next.

painting in progress

Here I have it covered. I’m not sure if I like that division going all the way across, so I painted over it to let the colors flow through. The view below feels either upside down or sideways. There is a visual gravity to the top and right sides. “Time to make a big decision” as the saying goes…

painting in progress

I’m getting a sunrise/sunset vibe, but I don’t know if that’s a good thing or too obvious. There’s a windy feel to it as well. I think that’s working, but I may want to tame it a bit. I kinda like the translucence and glow. I will have to be cautious if I want to keep it, because it gets lost as more paint goes down.

painting in progress

At this point, I think it needs some more structure in the lower section. Maybe it would help to bring some of the gold and scarlet tones from the upper part into the structure. It might also be a good idea to hang it up somewhere and contemplate for a while.

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