Doug Engelbeats

The Engelbart Framework Annotation Project is worth paying attention to, and participating in, for those who can find the time. I’ve been struggling with it, as things I have to do crowd out the things I want to do. But I did find time to listen to Gardner Campbell’s reading of Engelbart’s paper, and a few minutes in I had the idea to give it a backing track. I found A Tribe Called Quest_Rare & Unreleased Instrumentals Vol 2 (Album) 2010 on Youtube and pretty much dropped Gardner’s recording right in top of it. I noticed the instrumental still had some Q-Tip in it near the beginning, so I made some room for that, although it might have been better to just take that part out. It was just a happy accident that the rhythm of the reading fits so well with the beats. I gave it a little nudge here and there, but mostly just let it fall where it may. Maybe it’s a silly mash-up, and better men than me have done it before, but I kinda like the way it came out. I wonder where my wallet went…

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