Happy copyright

I saw Christina’s copyright overview the other day, and was inspired. She was responding to this assignment, part of the Creative Commons Certificate course:

Create a video, slide presentation, or infographic (or choose another medium) in which you describe the basics of copyright law as covered in Module 2. Make an effort to create something that would be useful and interesting to someone else.

At a minimum, include descriptions of:
the purpose of copyright,
what is copyrightable and what is not,
the relationship between copyright and other methods of protecting intellectual property,
how a person receives copyright protection for their work,
the public domain, and
exemptions to copyright like fair use.

I thought it would be an interesting challenge to do this as an audio recording. Would it be possible to be brief and compelling enough to hold a listener’s interest, while still meeting the requirements? How much information can be conveyed through sound rather than words?

My first thought was to use the Happy Birthday song. It should be instantly recognizable, so it could be used as a hook to draw people in. I found a guitar tutorial (YT) by Andy Crowley through CC Search and borrowed some of the audio for an intro and outro. I probably should have done more audio production and better recording. So it goes.

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