Rockwell had the idea…

Yesterday’s Daily Create involved using an online application to stylize an image. I had seen something like this before and thought it was pretty cool, so I gave it a shot.

I used an image from the Church of San Lorenzo which I first saw heading an article on The Twenty Days of Turin. No special reason – it just popped into my head. None of the apps default styles really grabbed me, but I thought the printed circuit board one had potential. I liked the output. It’s hard for me to tell how well the Dr. Doom-like visage comes through. I see it because I know it’s there, but it also seems buried in the circuitry. As I thought more about it this morning, it occurred to me that it makes an apt visual metaphor for the current interpretation of de Maria’s novel and the idea of surveillance capitalism. I wasn’t thinking of any of that intentionally when I did it. It was more of a subconscious inspiration, I suppose.

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