A bit about ds106radio

One of our listeners expressed some interest in ds106radio:

I would always turn it on earlier than the start time (because I was nervous about missing anything) and the kinds of music and stories it played at other moments was an interesting selection. I am pretty curious to understand where and why those stories and songs were curated for the radio. Especially the stories that I heard pieces of felt really old school style so I am curious about their source. The existence of an online radio for an online class though is a great concept. I knew DS 106 had a lot of layers to it before I started this course but I do not think I understood just how much it had until I started.

What we have running on ds106radio currently are mainly things that have been used or produced in the course in past semesters.  Some of it is content that students have produced, like bumpers and radio shows. Some of it is old-time radio shows from the Internet Archive that were used during the live tweeting sessions. And there are other things, like discussions of ds106, audio produced by the ds106 community, and some occasional random but related music.  You can actually broadcast on ds106radio yourself. Timmmmyboy wrote up some detailed directions, with screenshots, which I think are still good. They’re Mac-specific though. CogDog also has a take on it. I also wrote up something about doing it without the SoundFlower program. So if you want to play with broadcasting, you can. If you tweet out what you’re up to with the hashtag, you might even get some listeners.


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