Experimenting in the blog

I’ve done minimal experimenting with this blog. Made my own banner and changed the background color, added a few plugins… and that’s it. When I set it up, I totally ignored the main domain, above the blog, so it still showed the Host Gator default page. Something needed to be done about that, so I went back to my friendly neighborhood gargoyle.

I tried taking a picture at dusk, hoping that the glowing eyes would really stand out in the fading light, but the cameraphone compensated and made everything else darker. Playing with the levels in Photoshop, I could bring out the image, sort of. Since I had fun with animated gifs earlier, I went for a lightning flash effect, inspired by that Dark Knight cover, and made it take up the whole front. I played around a bit in Dreamweaver to make the image link through to the blog. It took me a while to figure out that Insert Hyperlink wouldn’t do it; I had to go through the image properties. Maybe I’ll remember that now

I’ve been looking around for a different theme. There are many options, but none of them grab me. Could I make my own? I found a good tutorial, which let me know there’s more to it than a CSS page. One person I admire professionally is David Lankes – visionary, library advocate, impressive speaker. He also has a blog where his big ol’ head takes up half the screen and stays there while you scroll down the page. This strikes me as totally obnoxious and full of himself, and I wonder if I could do it too. Could I just borrow his CSS sheet (it’s CC licensed) and substitute my gargoyle friend for the Lankes head? Or will that be more code tweaking than I want to attempt? Remains to be seen…


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