This is your brain on the radio

animated image of selecting a station on a radio We had a bunch of interesting radio show ideas this past week, including:

  • talk show
  • news show
  • day in a life
  • work together to take over the city
  • work together to defeat Dr. Oblivion
  • AI pros & cons
  • AI propaganda
  • AI as a weapon/tool for domination
  • storytime
  • reality show/office drama
  • female empowerment show

This was all before we sprung the Aggressive Technologies corporation idea on everyone. One idea specifically mentioned it anyway, but it could be easily connected to any of the other concepts. Even if a show concept is totally unrelated, Aggressive Technologies could show up as the show’s sponsor. The idea of Dr. Oblivion as a villain could be an interesting one. What’s his connection to AT? Is he a product? Is he the man behind the curtain? A rogue entity escaped from Research & Development?

I encourage everyone to look over everyone else’s ideas. Are there ways to make them work together? Are there ideas or characters you would like to work with? Everyone will be forming radio groups in a few weeks, and it’s better for people to make their own groups rather than get assigned randomly, so it won’t hurt to start thinking about it now.

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